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The Environ Music consultancy service was launched at the beginning of 2012 and has touched the lives of many musicians, enabling people to find routes towards education, qualifications, career development and advancement.


Jeffery Wilson has national and growing international reputation as a creative musician and educator with a deep commitment to the art form and to the people involved in its creation.
His own musical education began at school in Essex as a child where Percussion, the Clarinet and later on the Saxophone were the instruments of choice. It was as a composer that Jeffery really found his ‘voice’, making up little pieces for his school mates to play in between playing and watching football – Upton Park was a particular attraction in those days.
One could not accuse him of being shy – when Jeffery heard that the great orchestrator Dr Gordon Jacob lived in Saffron Walden (just a couple of bus rides away) he journeyed to knock on the front door to ask for lessons. The first rejection only strengthened the resolve since after all he knew the bus route now. Lessons with Dr Jacob commenced eventually interrupted by a brief spell in the British Army on a short service commission.
The Royal College of Music followed with the fine teachers John Lambert and Herbert Howells. After a post graduate year in composition at the Royal College Jeffery spent a short time at Wolfson College Cambridge to begin a doctorate in history but left to pursue active music making as a composer and performer. A meeting with Olivier Messiaen at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London resulted in the invitation to visit the composer in Paris and eventually to attend the harmony and aesthetics classes at the conservatoire. It is the latter experience that really brought the young composer to the conviction that religious faith and the creative arts are a positive force in the world and can be harnessed and shared for the greater good.
Professional music making for this composer and performer then began in earnest with residencies as a composer in over a dozen European cities and playing with ensembles as diverse as the London Jazz Composers Orchestra to the London Philharmonic Orchestra. On sessions for artists like Kate Bush, Elvis Costello, Barry Manilow and Cliff Richard.
To date Jeffery has written 34 dance scores for the likes of the Royal Ballet School, London Contemporary Dance and Ballet Rambert.
For the theatre he has written much incidental music a few musicals and one Opera ‘The Way to Glory’.
He is published widely and has about 150 or more works in the repertoire.
Jeffery was a visiting lecturer in music education, composition and improvisation at the Utrecht Conservatorium in Holland from 1986 till 2002.
Principal examiner (Jazz) Guildhall School of Music & Drama -Department of Initial Studies from 1993 till 2004.
Superviser on the music faculty at Cambridge University from 1997 to 2009.
Currently Coordinator and a Professor of Composition at Junior Guildhall (GSM&D) since 1994.
Examiner and adviser for Trinity College London from 2004.
He has served on a number advisory bodies including the Music Education Council, Incorporated Society of Musicians and the executive at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama.

Let us continue to buck the artistic and economic trend this year and beyond.

A consultation session and a follow up letter with resources, advice and subsequent email support is available.

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Some Testimonials from colleagues, students and friends….

Dr. Martin Ennis
Chairman of the Music Faculty at Cambridge University

Jeffery Wilson is one of the most inspirational teachers I have come across in many years of university work. While others, consciously or not, frequently indoctrinate pupils with their own ideas, Jeffery has the unusual ability to detect exactly what students need. As a result he is able to foster genuinely individual talents.

Philippa Bunting
Deputy Director (Academic), RNCM Centre for Young Musicians

A prodigious performer and composer, perhaps Jeffery’s greatest generosity lies in his respect for and encouragement of people’s musical efforts at every level from the earliest to the most advanced. He is generous with his time, his advice, his knowledge and his music, and has touched the lives of a huge number of musicians.

Derek N Rodgers
Head of Junior Guildhall

Jeffery Wilson’s lively and infectious character, creativity and ability to enthuse and motivate all who work with him has been the keystone to the success of Junior Guildhall’s composition department

Henk Alkema
Composer and Jazz Pianist

Although Jeffery Wilson has never been my teacher, his opinion about my music is of the most importance to me. His many-sidedness is never conflicting with the broad musicality he possesses. I don’t know anybody who can play music as good as talk music and the other way around!! Some consider musicality as a gift, I consider Jeffery Wilson as a gift!

Guy Barker
Composer and Jazz Trumpeter

I have enormous respect for Jeffery Wilson as a composer, educator and human being. I started studying composition with him in 1999. Only a few months later my whole musical life had changed. Composition became paramount for me and I subsequently wrote all the material for my album ‘Soundtrack’ which culminated in a suite. Sounds in Black and White for 7 piece Jazz group and symphony orchestra plus a 20 min wind quintet and 3 pieces for 2 violins amongst other things Without Jeffery’s inspiration and guidance these pieces may have just have remained ideas in my head Thank you Jeffery

Paul Rayner-Brown
Producer – Rainbow Productions Ltd

Some people are extraordinary, some people are very talented and generous beyond measure without thought of reward. Very few, understand the root essence of the Universal language of music and how it can bind us together in a positive world. To help others to learn this wonderful language is gift. More than anyone else I have met, my friend Jeffery Wilson embodies all these rare qualities and we live in better world because of it.

Tim Eaton
Adult Student Composer and Musician

if asked to write a few words about Jeffery Wilson, there is really only one word that springs to mind… “Inspirational”, but then what more could one ask for in a music educator?
Yes, I suppose you could add, professional, thorough, extremely knowledgeable, always helpful, able to communicate effectively at all levels and invariably supportive, but at the end of the day, …..
“Inspirational” simply says it all.


Peter Marshall
Jazz Pianist and Trumpeter, Composer and Church Mus

Jeffery has been a vital support and mentor to me for more than ten years. I had been a professional musician for about 50 years in middle-of the-road and jazz and, thanks to Jeffery, I have been able to extend my knowledge and expertise into more classical areas. In particular he has developed my composing and arranging skills and showed me how to grow my previously amateur efforts to professional standards. As well as helping by commenting on my work, he has always been ready with suggestions and commissions for pieces of work, things I would never have known or thought of without him. He and I also have worked together, and still do, in public performances, when we have played as a duo and in quartets/quintets, for which I do all the arrangements. I have seen how effective he is with students of all ages and how well he brings people together and opens new horizons for them. He is an excellent teacher and friend. He is also a pretty good player himself, and a great pleasure to work with.


Robert Brunsdon
Saxophonist and Teacher

Jeffery is an excellent instructor. His infectious enthusiasm encourages the student to excel. He has an in depth knowledge of all aspects of music that comes from years of experience. He readily shares this information in the form of entertaining anecdotes and stories. He offers specific praise of his student’s accomplishments and offers constructive criticism where improvement is required. I thoroughly enjoy my lessons with Jeffery.


Denis Hill and Fiona Dermit

My wife, Fiona, and I first met Jeffery in 1989 when he auditioned for the Tenor sax ‘seat’ in our quartet, Saxology. As the successful applicant, little did we realize that we would get much more than just the fourth member of our ensemble!
Since this time Jeff has become a good friend and an inspirational colleague who has done a great deal to further not only the fortunes of Saxology but the two of us, as freelance self-employed musicians.

Through his tireless enthusiasm for the quartet, Jeff was the catalyst that drove the project forward and made us believe that we could achieve a professional standard.
He has provided numerous compositions and arrangements for the group and persuaded other excellent composers to provide new works, many published.
Jeff has provided many performance and recording opportunities for Saxology through his extensive network of contacts.

Individually, Fiona and I have both received tuition/professional guidance in preparation for licentiate diplomas from Jeffery, the increased confidence proving tremendously beneficial and resulting in satisfactory outcomes for us both.
In 2005 I was accepted on to the examiner panel of Trinity Guildhall following Jeff’s strong encouragement to apply, his experience in the field invaluable and another example of his desire to see his colleagues develop their own careers, and help them to become the best that they can be.

More recently Fiona and I have been indebted to Jeff for his interest in the musical development of our daughter Megan and the up-to-date and comprehensive assessment he has provided for her, as she chooses her options for higher education.
An extensive study of numerous HE institutions that we trust and respect.


Charles Hine
Curriculum Manager: Higher Education
Centre for Music and Performing Arts
Colchester Institute
Director- British Clarinet Ensemble. Vice President of CASS – Chairman of BASBWE Education Trust

I have known Jeffery Wilson as a close colleague and musical partner for many years and have always been impressed by his abilities to enthuse and inspire across a vast range of styles and genres. He is witty, willing and wonderful and I commend him to all….


Jane Sitch

Student and Friend

I have known Jeffery for several years. His teaching, encouragement, advice and humour quite literally changed my life!
Jeffery’s vast knowledge and experience of music, the music industry as well as education makes him the ideal person to provide careers advice to those who seek it.


Rachel Spender
Clarinet Player and Friend

Jeffery Wilson got me playing clarinet again after 15 years of NOT playing.
He encouraged me to join in ensemble music making on many different levels, and I now play with wind, strings and pianists in various chamber music with very keen amateur musicians and which gives me the most joyous times of my life.

I don’t think it is possible to find any musician or teacher with a more holistic approach to music and the teaching profession –either on an individual or a group basis.
He straddles the classical and jazz worlds as if no boundary existed, bringing equal enrichment to both genres.

Whether it is advice of a technical nature or theoretical or sheer musicality, Jeffery Wilson would be the one I would turn to.
I couldn’t have wished for a more inspirational and communicative tutor. – every lesson a joy, a boost to confidence and really fun.

A robust and unbounded energy, combined with intellect and drive –Jeffery is also one of the funniest men I have ever known.


Roger Heaton
Clarinettist and Professor of Music at Bath Spa University

Jeffery is a great player and an inspired and versatile composer, but what impresses me is his work as a music educator. He manages to enthuse and cajole students of all ages into producing their very best with an extraordinary cocktail mix of boundless expertise, deep musicality, vast experience and a terrific wit…potent indeed…I’d call it verging on genius!


Ruth Travers

Singer and Teacher

Jeffery has a wealth of insight to offer his students and is warmly giving with his support, his instruction, his time, his own excellent skills as a musician and professor and his knowledge.
He is able to empathize and does far more than teach from outside of the student – but has a way of enabling from within that is vital to revealing a passion for music. He also has a wonderfully generous spirit when it comes to encouraging new talent.
He is open and creative and inspiring – sensitive to the core with a deep love of his subject that exudes from his person.
Jeffery has a great sense of humor – is flexible and musically adaptable, he has a wide experience of musical genre .
As a performer, composer, musician and teacher I can only recommend him highly in every aspect of the work those job descriptions demand.


Owain Jones
Conductor, Singer, Church Musician and Teacher

Jeffery Wilson is someone I am proud to call a mentor, friend and inspiration. From meeting him in my teens, Jeffery has given me some amazing opportunities alongside his fullest support and the benefit of his wisdom and experience. Now, nearly twenty years later, this relationship continues. I know full well that I am just one of many lucky enough to have Jeffery take an active interest in our development. Jeffery has a rare talent of being one of life’s true communicators, always positive, never patronizing but also an honest “critical friend”. Generous with his time and talent, Jeffery is able to engage and inspire a wide range of musicians and music lovers, from 6 to 106, from the greenest amateur to the most experienced professional, in the classroom, concert hall and community.


Frank Spears
Guitarist and Composer

Jeffery is generous of his time and encouragement to help amateur composers. His lunchtime concerts at the Cramphorn provide a platform for local composers to play their work and to be accompanied by Jeffery at the piano or sax. He has been only too willing to record sax and piano on my compositions and make them available as a download on his website.


Julian Harris
Musician and Research Student

‘So what do you want to do with your life?’ asked the school careers advisor. ‘I want to study music.’ I replied. She looked at me and smiled sympathetically. ‘What else do you want to do?’
As an eighteen-year-old school leaver, I enrolled on the wrong course and lasted a total of two weeks at Art College. I then had a game-changing conversation with Jeffery. He sifted my options, honestly assessed my weaknesses and, in a way only Jeffery can, fired my imagination. I had never considered a university music course before; my school music teachers literally swore against them. And I had very little self-belief – especially where an institution like Cambridge was concerned. Jeffery gave me a unique insight into university life, lots of support and crucially gave me the confidence to do what I had always secretly dreamed of doing.
I am now close to beginning a PhD in ethnomusicology, specializing in Iraqi music. It’s not the sort of option you can find in a careers handbook. But it is the sort of thing that happens to you when you get to know Jeffery.

Tracey Bridgem
Jeffery Wilson is the most generous-spirited of musicians. He is free with his time, expertise and musicianship. Jeffery is an effective communicator and facilitator, conveying to his students a sense of their individual merits. His enthusiasm for music whether in composition, performance or teaching is abundantly clear and joyful. I regard my musical relationship with Jeffery as a great privilege.


Shea Lolin

Conductor and Educator
Jeffery Wilson’s inimitable style makes music making fun. I have observed that the delivery of his material creates much amusement but underneath this exuberance is a deeply serious, intelligent and considered approach. This fusion of entertainment and academia produces his inimitable style and I would thoroughly recommend him in the voluntary sector.

Ian Haywood

Musician and Composer
Jeffery is one of the most knowledgeable musicians I have ever met and he gave me my first break playing my own piano compositions at the Cramphorn Theatre. I was privileged to play a piano and clarinet duet with him. I am still in the early stages of my composing career, and Jeffery’s ongoing help and advice is invaluable and always gratefully received.

Katie Staples

Teacher and Flautist
It is difficult to summarize Jeffery Wilson in just a few short paragraphs. There are so many positive things I can say
I have always admired Jeffery’s commitment to all that he does and to all those that he teaches. He will go out of his way to ensure that his students can be the best they can be. I have never been the most confident of musicians but he still gave me lunchtime concerts and supported me through my third year degree recital. I will always be grateful for his commitment and belief.
You are always guaranteed to have fun when taught by Jeffery. Despite his hectic work schedule, he always displays an energetic spirit and a zest for life. You cannot leave one of his lessons without a smile. He reminds us that music can and always should be enjoyed. In addition to this, the breadth of his knowledge is incredible; what this man does not know about music is not worth knowing!
I very much enjoy the challenge he presents during a lesson. He understands exactly how far musically to stretch a pupil and the different ways in which to tackle the challenges he presents. There are always kind words and encouragement throughout this process. He makes you feel like you can go forward and achieve your goals.
In short; thank you Jeffery. It has been a pleasure to have been taught by you and performed alongside you.


J H Smith


To anyone thinking of meeting or having lessons or taking advice from Jeffery Wilson.
I have known Jeffery for about 13 years and have been encouraged and tutored in music theory, harmony, composition and clarinet technique.
He has a happy knack of putting you at ease and identifying your specific needs, although you don’t know them yourself !
What is so impressive is that he then proceeds to give considered, sound advice whether you are wrestling with career development or matters of musical profundity.
On top of this he is a really nice guy to know.


Marc Findon
Composer and Arranger

Jeffery shows real passion for what he does and takes great pride in his students’ successes. I feel very fortunate to have begun my composition education with him.


Catherine Leonard
Concert Pianist

I first met Jeffery when he invited me to give a lunchtime recital in the Cramphorn theatre in Chelmsford in 2009. Since then he has arranged concerts for me and has introduced me to the recording industry. He has been very kind and encouraging. Without his help I do not think that my piano career would have reached its present level. I am very grateful to him.


Tim Watts

Composer, Performer and Teacher

As Jeffery puts it, “you can smell it” when someone wants to be a musician. Jeffery has a great ‘nose’ for talent of all sorts and at all stages of development, but, more importantly, he really knows how to ‘bring it on’. I’ve known Jeffery since I started having composition lessons with him at Junior Guildhall at the age of fifteen. He is an inspirational teacher who cares deeply about each of his students and who knows how to give them the tools they need to express their ideas with confidence and fluency. Under his guidance, the potentially daunting and bewildering process of ‘finding a voice’ becomes less of a solo expedition and more of a family adventure: he dares his students to take risks and do more than they think they can, but they know he’ll be there to help if they stumble along the way.
Such is Jeffery’s musical versatility that he has the skills, experience and contacts to be able to continue supporting and advising his students as their careers and interests progress and change. It was Jeffery who noticed that I had some potential as a piano accompanist and helped me to realize it – not just by advising on postgraduate courses, but by setting up concert opportunities and inviting me to perform with him and his colleagues. He recognizes that, not only is it healthy for musicians to develop holistically, but that the challenging musical world of today often requires artists who are able to integrate creative, performing and teaching skills, as well as the ability to work collaboratively, think ‘outside the box’ and remain tenacious and resilient. In this, he teaches, above all, by example.


Lorraine Migliorini

Pianist and Teacher

I have known Jeffery for 7 years in capacity of teacher and advisor. After studying at The Royal College from 1985-1988 I craved the type of tutorials I received there but, despite ‘trying out’ several teachers, this was to no avail.

Jeffery was recommended by a colleague, so I made an appointment. And was I happy after that first lesson! Yes, I had found the teacher I had searched for all those years in order to undertake extension music work or to just ‘talk music’. (I can say that even during the latter-type sessions, I learn so much. He is so interesting).

I still see Jeffery for tutorials that have incorporated him preparing me for a diploma, piano lessons and music discussion and analysis. I have found this time stimulating, highly enjoyable (the time FLIES by) and I cannot wait for the next appointment. My only regret is that I cannot make the journey to see him every week.

I do hope this short testimonial gives you an accurate insight into the stimulating and enlightening qualities possessed by Jeffery. I would recommend him without any hesitation.


Delia Triggel
Partner Brass Wind Publications

Jeffery Wilson is an Adviser and composer for Brass Wind Publications. Jeffery’s extraordinary breadth of knowledge together with his particular specialization is an indispensable asset to the publishing programme.
We value Jeffery Wilson’s strong desire to make a difference in the educational field in which he invests a boundless energy and an enthusiasm which is inspirational.
On a personal level it is a great pleasure to work with Jeffery whose sense of fun and good humour lightens the most difficult of moments.


Victoria Soames Samek

Artistic Director, Clarinet Classics

Jeffery Wilson has been a lifelong colleague and friend. But length of time and familiarity has never prevented Jeffery’s straight talking and wise appraisals of my career path. Knowing that my heart lies in playing and teaching, he has a way of looking at things from a unique perspective with his broad and incredibly diverse experience in so many areas of the musical profession and all matters related to further educational, examining and academic experience.
If I had to sum Jeffery up and his influence on my professional life, it would be wise, generous almost to a fault and incredibly supportive and inspirational in all aspects of music and musical learning both to me and the education of others, which we hold so dear.
And on a personal note – A friend who matches all the criteria of what I feel a true friend is; a person who cares about me and one who I can completely depend on for honesty and support.

Joy Ellis

Jazz Pianist and Vocalist

‘It is difficult to describe the considerable impact that Jeffery Wilson makes on the lives of his students. His tutelage goes far beyond the boundaries of music. I initially met Jeffery when he gave me my first lessons in jazz piano. I thought I was only going to learn the rudiments of jazz but I came away with so much more. Jeffery’s passion for music and life is contagious. He has the ability to unlock dreams; some you knew you had already and then some you might never have even realized. He has the uncanny ability to point his students towards their own discoveries with a little nudge in the right direction rather than simply telling them the answers. Jeffery Wilson has been one of the most inspirational teachers and mentors in my life.’


Alisdair Hogarth
I have known Jeffery Wilson for 10 years and the contribution he has made to my career has been enormous. Always an inspiring friend/teacher/colleague that you can rely on for advice, Jeffery is a real dynamo who makes things happen. Countless times he has helped with my own playing and improvising, connected me with other musicians for different projects that he is not involved with, or has instigated many collaborative performance, composition/education projects that we have both worked on. Whether publicly visible, or behind the scenes, Jeffery’s special gift for working with people of all ages and abilities and his enthusiasm for every project that he turns his hand to, coupled with the quality and expertise of his work mark him out as one of the most influential and artist-aiding musicians in the UK.


Pam Campanelli

Jeffery Wilson has had a profound effect on my musical life.
I started studying with Jeffery in 2000 with a great desire to learn how to do jazz improvisation. This was after 3 failed attempts over the previous 10 years. But with Jeffery’s instruction the jazz chord structures and the variety of ways to play off of them finally sunk in. This was so amazing! Then he helped me to get a performance certificate in jazz saxophone in 2003. And in 2004-2005 facilitated Joy Ellis (keyboard and vocals) and me to do jazz duos in pubs and restaurants and make a small recording.
Being such a talented and agreeable individual, Jeffery attracts lots of talented and agreeable students. Through his encouragement, myself and 3 other students formed the Exchanging Blows Clarinet and Saxophone Quartet in 2003 and he has continued to mentor the musical life of this ensemble.
So you have probably gathered by now that Jeffery is not only an amazing performer and clever teacher, he is a very encouraging and supportive human being. He has been a wonderful gift in my life; always being there for me to support my musical projects and give me a assisting hand through the ups and downs. One example being his support with my successful University application and audition to study jazz and then more importantly, his help to get me over some of the bad experiences I had the first year.
I’m so deeply grateful. It is thanks to him I’ve come on a marvellous journey from a place where music had been abandoned in my life to a place where it is an essential and joyful part of my life.


Jane Parker


I have known Jeffery Wilson for over 20 years and during this time he has contributed enormously in progressing me as a professional singer. He is generous beyond measure with his time, musical wisdom, guidance and direction.

Instead of focusing on his own achievements and abilities he chooses to nurture and mentor musical potential in each person. He is gifted in encouraging all levels and abilities from children to mature adults.

Jeffery is incredibly talented, as a musician, composer, teacher and performer. He is a highly educated man, full of integrity, yet he humbly and selflessly serves others locally and nationally, promoting the ‘love of music’ in all people.

It has been my honour to call Jeffery a friend and a musical mentor.


Emily Henry

I first encountered Jeffery during my first term at Kneller Hall, the Royal Military School of Music. I found his energy and teaching style like a breath of fresh air amidst my other military musical training; I was immediately inspired, and in turn desperate to learn more from him. On taking up some lessons with Jeffery, it became clear to me that he was a very perceptive and supportive teacher, who cared greatly about not only the music I’d like to learn, but also how I can learn. Jeffery makes learning a very safe environment for any of his pupils, through his encouragement his pupils feel confident and comfortable to perform in the class-room. He is always generous with his time and with his resources. I will never forget the inspiration Jeffery has given to me; and the impact he has made upon my playing.

Thank you Jeffery!


Wayne Martin

Jazz Musician
“Jeffery Wilson has been a major influence in both my personal and musical life. He always puts others before himself and has always done his best to try and further my career, through any opportunities that he can get me involved in. His spirit and drive are truly an inspiration”


Dylan Christopher

Pianist and Teacher
Jeffery has been a constant support to me over my years ranging from compositional mentoring to performance opportunities and more recently academic advice. He has played a pivotal role in shaping and deciding how I should further my study. A constant inspiration, Jeffery’s words of wisdom have always guided me towards the best possible outcome working with my strengths as an individual.

Eliza French

I first met Jeffery Wilson when I became a student at Colchester Institute studying music, his passion, love and enthusiasm for music inspired me so much I was desperate to have him as my teacher. This then lead to me taking up saxophone, and after only half a year of playing I was prepared enough to be taking my grade 8 sax, and also auditioning for conservatoires, and I now find myself a student of Royal Welsh Conservatoire! Of course my conservatoire dream would never of happened if it hadn’t of been for Jeff’s encouragement, positivity, belief in me, and extreme patience! I found that Jeffery would do anything and everything within his power to help or assist me with any problems I had.
I owe Jeffery my entire music career, and for that I will be forever grateful, and I can only hope that one day I will be as brilliant, knowledgeable, and as successful as he is.
Thanks Jeff!


Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian

Composer and Performer

Jeffery Wilson is an inspiring mentor, whose approach is full of fun and wonder. Although his wealth of experience and knowledge is vast, his eyes are open to new perspectives: he enables the student to make his, or her, own discoveries.

Love  Cevanne


Mateusz Borowiak

Concert Pianist
Jeffery has been a fantastic inspiration and a great mentor to me, both in the musical world and the vastness beyond. When we first met, I was immediately struck by his energy which, throughout the years, was to have a constantly uplifting effect on me. I remember very fondly our composition lessons which often transcended into lessons in life (of which Jeffery has all-encompassing knowledge!) and I also frequently witnessed and admired his ability to relate to people of all ages and backgrounds. Complete selflessness and generosity radiate from his personality, qualities that are becoming increasingly rare. And is there anything that Jeffery doesn’t know!


Dr G. Horrocks
Jeffery is one of those extraordinary and rare people who changes lives. He doesn’t really teach – he helps uncover. What is uncovered isn’t necessarily what you expected, but you do know that you need it. He asks young musicians: “Do you have something to say?” What challenge could be greater? How better to nurture talent?


Danielle Perrett

Harpist and Examiner
Jeffery is a highly persuasive jazz musician and communicator. His joy and sense of fun in his music making shines through and he plays and speaks with natural ease.

Tom Johnson

Manager Chelmsford Theatres
I am not a musician, but consider it a privilege to be associated with Jeffery. His support for fellow musicians is enormous and I am proud to be able to facilitate, with him, performances that would not otherwise be possible. Long live the altruistic entrepreneur. His inclusive approach to all performers is clearly balanced by their devotion to him.

Debbie Scherer and Sarah Jobson
It is an honour to be able to count Jeffery Wilson as a friend.
‘Honour’ – the esteem due or paid to worth; ‘Friend’ – one loving or attached to another. (Chambers 20th Century Dictionary)
We have for only known Jeffery for about 5 years but in that time he has consistently shown us love, kindness and thoughtfulness. His respect for his fellow human is unwavering. His joy of, in, and for life is infectious and fortunately without cure. His desire for others to attain happiness and fulfillment is a maxim we should all strive to achieve but most of us fail to accomplish.
“A man so various that he seemed to be Not one, but all mankind’s epitome”
(John Dryden)


Christopher Haines
On retirement I decided to learn to play clarinet and Jeffery bravely took me on as a student and what fun I have had. He is brilliant in unscrambling an elderly brain and so generous with his time and profound musical knowledge. Any musical establishment that can draw on Jeffery’s talents is extremely lucky.


Alicia Hart
Singer/Songwriter, Flautist, Teacher, Friend

Life can work in the most unpredictable ways with the smallest of acts capable of changing the course of your life forever. For this I am thankful because if I hadn’t of accidentally walked into Jeffery’s composition class at Junior Guildhall 12 years ago, I may never have met Jeffery and my life would be a very different story. Before I met Jeffery, song writing was my secret passion, a musical diary and private affair between me my pencil and the piano. However one lesson with Jeffery is all it takes to get even the shyest of people forever hooked on wanting to learn more, write more, play more and most importantly share their music with people. After that day, I went to composition class each week and it was the lesson I looked forward to the most. Jeffery is a gifted and rare teacher because he seems to have a sixth sense of knowing exactly what musical ingredients are needed to inspire and develop each individual’s talent. Whether it’s that you get to taste an opera, cook up a piece using the cycle of 5ths or simply just discuss the ingredients of music in a lesson, you always come away feeling like you’ve been in the company of a master chef and that you want to go and eat and cook as much music as possible. The real magic in learning with Jeffery however is when you watch him perform or hear one of his own compositions. It is in this moment that you realize just how talented and special he is and how lucky you are to have met him. Jeffery continues to inspire me as a musician and human being and I will forever be thankful that I walked into the wrong room.


Mark Stringer, Director of Music at Wells Cathedral School, formerly Executive Director, Trinity College London and Master of the Music and Director of Concerts, St. Martin-in-the-Fields

In addition to his work as an examiner for Trinity College London, we have engaged Jeffrey as a consultant on a number of diverse projects. These include work as a syllabus and curriculum consultant, for advice on music publications and web and promotional materials and also as a composer, performer and presenter. Jeffrey is a consummate and experienced professional. His work is always of the highest calibre and his academic contributions are always original, creative and well-researched. As a performer, he brings great conviction, colour and personality to all that he does. 








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